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Why ABC?

15 reasons to learn foreign languages with A.B.C.



1. Nineteen years of experience in teaching foreign languages (30 languages including rare ones) to private individuals and corporate clients in 25 cities of Ukraine



2. All A.B.C. teachers have university degrees in foreign languages; many of them also hold international certificates (CPE, CAE, FCE, TOEFL, CELTA).
A.B.C. Center conducts performance appraisals twice a year to ensure constant development of teachers’ professional skills.



3. A.B.C. Center employs a team of native speakers with relevant educational background.



4. Unique tailor-made courses developed to meet every client’s specific needs. A.B.C.’s methodologists are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in teaching foreign languages.



5. First-rate resource base including a wide variety of books, numerous audio/video materials and handouts for different levels.



6. We constantly develop and update our pool of industry-specific courses, crash courses and training courses which include
a) industry-specific courses of English for professionals in the fields of law, finance, medicine, HoReCa, HR, marketing and tourism, to name but a few
b) crash-courses for job interviews, emigration, preparation for admission exams etc.;
c) training courses for effective meetings, negotiating, conferences, telephoning etc.


7. Preparation for international exams: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE.



8. Free test for language level: online, by telephone, in A.B.C.’s offices or on a Client’s premises.



9. We offer trial classes to ensure the correct choice of a course of study and teacher.



10. We teach both adults and children from the age of 2.5.



11. Flexible schedule: morning, afternoon, evening classes, 2-7 times a week. Convenient location: well-equipped classrooms in A.B.C.’s offices or on a Client’s premises. Flexible format: groups, mini-groups or individual classes.



12. Regular feedback, progress control throughout the course by means of interim and end-of-course testing. Possibility to track your progress online.



13. Online support of classes as part of the Blended Learning model: catching up with missed classes, additional drilling in a convenient place, at convenient time, lesson materials repository, independent learning of topics not covered by the main course.



14.  Affordable prices and flexible discount system for regular clients.



15. Written quality guarantee.




Tailor-made corporate courses


Crash courses to prepare for a business trip, exam, job interview


Industry-specific courses and trainings



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