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Мастер-классы на английском языке

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 Мастер-классы на английском языке:


Topics Duration
Business Trainer
 Customer Service 3  Victoria Slutskaya
 Grammar for negotiations  3  Tatiana Kovalenko
 English for dynamic presentations 3 Natalia Sichko
 Tackling thorny issues  3 Natalia Sichko
 Grammar for business 3 Tatiana Kovalenko Natalia Sichko
Business Correspondence 3 Tatiana Kovalenko
What makes a successful project manager 3 Natalia Sichko
Effective Negotiations 2*3 Tatiana Kovalenko
Communication Intelligence: language for socializing and networking 3 Victoria Slutskaya
English for videoconferencing 3 Victoria Slutskaya


Грамматические мастер-классы:


Topics Duration
Business Trainer
Snapshot of past forms 3 Victoria Slutskaya
Making all the difference: comparison and contrast 3 Victoria Slutskaya
Being explicit about the future 3 Victoria Slutskaya
Making speech more emphatic 3 Tatiana Kovalenko 
Expressing your personal attitude: modals perfect 3 Tatiana Kovalenko 
Tough Choice: Infinitive vs. Gerund 3 Tatiana Kovalenko 



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