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English for Catering and Hotels


Aiming to meet the specific language needs of those employed in the hospitality industry the course covers a wide range of vocabulary and skills related to work in hotels and restaurants as well as grammar structures relevant to the needs of this target group.

Course objectives:

During the course the students will

  • learn key vocabulary for efficient interaction within their field of work;
  • acquire communication skills which are of immediate relevance to the work in Horeca sector:describing products and services, welcoming and greeting guests; advising clients on the menu, services and facilities,  taking orders and bookings, giving instructions to staff, handling complaints,  giving directions, etc.;
  • master grammar constructions with reference to the functions they carry out in particular situations arising in hotels and restaurants.


Methodology:  Being based mainly on communicative approach the course features panel discussions, skills-based exercises, pair work, role plays, case studies, simulations, a number of video and audio-based exercises and other activities designed to actively engage participants in the realm of hospitality industry.

Course duration: the course is offered in two formats:

  • a short course (20 hours or 10 classes)
  • a master class (240 min)

Required language level:  Pre-Intermediate and higher.

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